Desert of Blood (2008)

Desert of Blood is a well-made, straight-to-DVD vampire B-movie. Unfortunately, the plot is thin and the writing is not sophisticated enough to make this one stand out. So while this film has almost no bad elements, it also has nothing that would make it worth watching. […]


Dance with a Vampire (2006)

Dance with a Vampire (a. k. a. Justin Redwood: Vampire Hunter) is a low-budget vampire film with a number of humorous elements. It is not a good film, but considering the budget and the amateur crew behind it, it is at least an honourable achievement. […]

Vampires: The Turning (2005)

A vampire gang war, some vampire hunters, a prophecy, and a damsel in distress. All this could be the elements of a solid B-movie, but this cash-grab (trying to leech off an established franchise) is below mediocre and features a male hero who is both obnoxious and bland. […]