Graveyard Shift (1987)

Jerry Ciccoritti’s Graveyard Shift is not the best vampire film you’ll ever see, but it is possibly one of the most ‘80s films out there. And with its random visual elements including yuppie/dinky culture, music videos, and noir, and the shortcomings in its story, you might well describe this film as style-over-substance. […]

Angel [season 1] (1999-2000)

The first season of this Buffy spin-off creates its own, darker tone and is rather successful in its noir-ish world-building. But the actors are still trying to fit their characters into the new character constellation, and so there is some adjustment going on – which leaves room for improvement in the acting. […]

The Impaler (2013)

The Impaler is a run-of-the-mill teen slasher mixed into the vampire genre. The performances are – for the most part – good, and the writing and all other aspects are adequate enough. This is not a film you need to hunt for, but also not a film you need to avoid at all cost. […]

Hotel Transylvania 2 (2015)

This sequel continues the story from the the first film. The differences between Dracula and his daughter Mavis – regarding their outlook on “life” in general and on humans in particular – play out before the background of educating Mavis’s son Dennis. […]

Dark Town (2004)

Dark Town tries to sell itself on blood and gore. And blood and gore are undeniably done well in this film. Still, as far as low-budget horror films go, Dark Town is a “3-out-of-10” also-ran. It never reaches the heights of the better middle-of-the-road, “5-out-of-10” films. And it never sinks as low as the worst of the worst – in part because of some decent acting performances. […]

Blood: The Last Vampire (2000)

This is the original medium-length animé that spawned the 2009 feature film as well as endless other connected franchises. Because of its length – and because of the secret nature of the heroine’s mission – we do not really get to know any of the characters too well. This is a film featuring a mission, and there is little room for anything else besides chases and fights. […]

Kindred: The Embraced (1996)

While Kindred is not a bad show, watching it feels like a bizarre trip back in time. With its style, tone, and dated fashions, it is very hard to believe that this was broadcast just a year before Buffy premiered. There is nothing here to connect to, so you are merely observing the characters rather than developing any interest in them. […]