Way of the Vampire (2005)

Way of the Vampire is a cheap and short vampire flick from The Asylum. It has a simple premise and a very simple story, so there is nothing captivating or interesting about it. The actors try their best (each in their own way), but with nonsensical plot elements, lacklustre fight scenes, and rather poor audio quality this film cannot be saved by the cast. […]

Heirs of the Night [season 1] (2019)

Heirs of the Night is a new-ish TV show primarily aimed at young teenagers, based on a series of novels by Ulrike Schweikert. This pan-European production has impressive production values and looks amazing. With a decent plot and a well-chosen cast, this is a show that I enjoyed quite a lot. […]

Dornröschen – Der Tod ist erst der Anfang (2004)

This film is a horror-“comedy” by notorious amateur filmmaker Jochen Taubert. It falls very decidedly into the “avoid-at-all-cost” category. And the fact that it is hard to find and is not available in English should make avoiding it fairly easy. […]

Angel [season 2] (2000-2001)

Season 2 of Angel feels a bit disjointed, but the characters (and the cast’s performances) feel more settled. Even though the season’s story-arcs do not necessarily work well, there are at least a number of really good episodes as well as enjoyable performances by guest actors. […]

The Wickeds (2005)

The Wickeds is a very cheap and very generic trapped-teens film. The vampire aspects in this zombie film are negligible, and even though it runs for only 78 minutes (without credits), there is not enough plot to fill that time. […]