Hotel Transylvania 2 (2015)

This sequel continues the story from the the first film. The differences between Dracula and his daughter Mavis – regarding their outlook on “life” in general and on humans in particular – play out before the background of educating Mavis’s son Dennis. […]

Dark Town (2004)

Dark Town tries to sell itself on blood and gore. And blood and gore are undeniably done well in this film. Still, as far as low-budget horror films go, Dark Town is a “3-out-of-10” also-ran. It never reaches the heights of the better middle-of-the-road, “5-out-of-10” films. And it never sinks as low as the worst of the worst – in part because of some decent acting performances. […]

The Unwanted (2014)

A toxic mix of religion, patriarchalism, and casual racism provides the backdrop to The Unwanted, a mystery-thriller that plays with vampiric elements. While the film feels somewhat unsatisfying as a whole, it boasts an apt atmosphere, very good performances, and engaging character interactions. […]