About Vampire Film Reviews

On this site I want to collect all my reviews about vampire films, but also other vampire related media: so, not just movies, but also TV shows, radio, books, graphic novels, games, etc. If there’s a vampire in it and if I happen to have an opinion on it (- and I usually do 😉 -) then I will write about it here.

As you may notice, the plot descriptions in my reviews are somewhat meagre, because I want to avoid spoilers, and because summaries and synopses can easily be found elsewhere. My focus lies on trying to describe how various aspects of the film play out in terms of quality, and to state how I would rate/rank the film overall.

You can also find some info on my general opinions and genre preferences in the Blog section.


PS: please be aware that, although my reviews are generally spoiler-free, the “tags” assigned to each film may constitute spoilers. Even the cast-list can be spoilery, for example if a character that was presumed dead in one film returns for the sequel, etc.