Reviews of Vampire Fiction

There are not many sites or blogs with a specific focus on vampire films out there. There are a large number of general horror blogs out there, some of which are very good, I assume, but some that I have looked at have not had any new content in years.

An additional problem is that, as soon as you start looking for vampire-centric blogs, you find yourself in weird places where people are seriously discussing “real-life vampires” or vampire lifestyles, etc.

So I decided I will try to compile a list of links over time, containing sites that I find useful.


~ Taliesin Meets the Vampires

One of the only major reputable blogs out there that is specifically dedicated to vampire fiction is Andy Boylan’s blog: Taliesin Meets the Vampires. It is practically the only site that I visit on a regular basis.

My estimate is that there are at least 1350 film & TV reviews on that site, all related exclusively to vampires. That is not counting the many book reviews and other useful material, including links, etc.

For easy access to the film reviews, look for the 3-part A-Z register in the right hand margins.


Unlike my reviews, which have only a bare minimum of information about the plot, Andy’s reviews mostly contain a full synopsis of the film. So, often his reviews start with a general spoiler-warning.

That approach is entirely justified, given that 80% of vampire films are either bad or mediocre and cannot really be considered films worthy of special spoiler-protection. Which basically means that every time you read a review of a really bad film on my blog and think “That sounds atrocious, I wish I knew more about this story”, but are of course unwilling to actually invest time and money to see it, you can head over to Taliesin Meets the Vampires to find much more information about the plot.


PS: Do adjust your speakers’ volume before you head over there. Andy has a background theme tune randomly kicking in which is extremely loud (at least at my end).