Hotel Transylvania (2012)

Count Dracula has built a huge castle deep in the forest, hidden from human eyes. It is meant as a safe environment for his daughter Mavis to grow up in, but it also serves as a safehaven for all other monsters and creatures seeking refuge from persecution by those evil humans.
But now that Mavis is turning 118, she wants to leave the castle and explore the world. A prospect that worries her father very much. And things get even more complicated when a clueless American backpacker arrives at the castle unexpctedly.


This animated film is a nice enough watch and there is very little to complain about. It looks very well in a cartoony sort of way. It contains a lot of traditional monsters and creatures. And it has lots of side-gags and visual gags that keep you entertained throughout.


The two main characters, Dracula and Mavis, are fleshed out nicely; and the plot itself is convincing and coherent enough. The only problem I had was the nagging question who this film was actually for. It involves a love-story, as well as the conflict between Mavis’ wish to enter adult life and Dracula’s desire to protect her. These core elements, that dominate the entire film, are something that maybe viewers aged 15 and older can identify with, and female teenagers possibly better than male ones. But this has all the hallmarks of a children’s film, from the animation medium, to the style of the animation, to the humour, etc. I feel there is a disconnect here. The children who would enjoy watching this film cannot really connect to its themes – and the teenagers who could relate to the themes are probably not really interested in watching a kid’s cartoon.

But I guess the undeniable financial success of the franchise speaks for itself.


This is a short review because there is really not much to say about this film. I found it entertaining, so it did its job. Personally, I hated the rock/hiphop songs they chose for the birthday party scenes – more something for hyperactive 9-year-olds, I assume.

I would rate this film at around 6.5 out of 10 and am looking forward to watching the sequels.

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