Subspecies III: Bloodlust (1994)

The Subspecies-saga continues, with Michelle still trying to escape the clutches of Radu and his mother, and Michelle’s sister Rebecca still trying to find a way to help her. For this purpose, Rebecca again does enlist the help of others, and the list of auxiliary troops this time also includes a ridiculous action-hero knock-off.


As far as I know, the second and third parts of the franchise were filmed back-to-back as one project. Which makes sense in a franchise in which the plots of the different parts flow so seamlessly into each other.

Accordingly, there is very little to say about Bloodlust which I have not already said about Bloodstone:

There are some sexploitation and – to a lesser degree – body-horror elements. The acting is adequate, but nothing to shout about. The practical effects and the make-up are very impressive, but not entirely my taste. And the use of shadows in the camera work is also very nice, but marred by many scenes in which this practical approach is unnecessarily overshadowed [pun intended] by CGI-imitations of said practical work.


Pamela Gordon again plays Radu’s mother wearing extensive latex-make-up. But this time, ill-timed close-up shots of her lower arms reveal their rubbery nature, making the whole outfit less successful in terms of make-belief.


As with the previous films, the story is run-of-the-mill but feels pretty empty. The film has a complete running time of under 79 minutes. But if you exclude the opening and end credits as well as the re-cap consisting entirely of scenes from the second film, you end up with a net running time of barely over 70 minutes. And even for 70 minutes, there is very little actual plot going on, although the film does not feel as “padded” as the previous one.


With nothing really happening, I am by the end of the film as little interested in the characters as I was at the beginning. As far as I am aware, this film concludes the originally planned trilogy. In the end, there was a fourth part made a few years after this, but it is probably pointless to hope that this franchise will pick up in quality in that fourth instalment?


Because it seems slightly better paced than its predecessors, I’ll rate Bloodlust at 4 out of 10.


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