Suck and Moan (2010)

I stumbled across this web-show while browsing through

The Zombie Apocalypse is finally here. What will this do to society as we know it? What about the horror humans will face, individually and collectively? What about the families? What about the children?
Who cares!
Suck and Moan poses the one really important question: What about the vampires? Seriously, how are the poor dears supposed to react as they see a Zombie virus decimating their livestock and threatening their food supply?

You know how it is with web series. Most of them fall somewhere between awful and amateurish. Suck and Moan is one of the few exceptions, and it is sad that it never got beyond episode 10.

On a technical and artistic level, this show has all you want: A nice theme music, good camera work and picture quality, and very good sound effects. And still, all these elements are basic, in a good way, never overreaching and never pretending the show was more than it was. Make-up and costumes are good too; while the “special effects” (mainly consisting of smoke the vampires morph into) are extremely rudimentary, but acceptable considering the budgetary constraints.

The acting is good and at times very good. Only in the first episode does the acting seem wooden and uneven; the quality picks up immediately with the second episode. It helps that the characters were written/created in a competent way: though all of them only have a few minutes of screen time every other episode, they come across as believable and real. I hesitate to say that they are “3-dimensional characters”, as the overall time is too short for that, but you can see that each of the characters has its distinct personality and back-story without being a mere stereotype.

Most of all, though, the premise and the tone appealed to me. You might argue that a show that pits vampires against zombies feeds into my pathological lopsided feelings regarding the two creatures. But basically such a premise simply creates great storytelling opportunities – just like a superhero story in which two villains are not working with but against each other. It just departs from the ordinary enough to be interesting. The only criticism I could level at Suck and Moan in this regard is that there is a certain plot element (which I will not spoil here) which turns the vampires in this film into “surrogate human protagonists” (just like the Moroi in Vampire Academy), risking to drag the premise more towards the conventional.

The tone is a perfect fit for the premise, and for the medium. I enjoy the style of humour immensely, and the actors’ delivery is great (which with this particular style of humour is crucial).

I wish that we could have more than ten episodes, but am still happy with what we got.

Rating: at least 7 out of 10.

You can currently find this show on the iThentic channel on youtube.


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