Suck (2009)

I grabbed this vampire comedy/spoof out of the bargain bin some time ago, never having even heard of this film before that moment. And I must say I was pleasantly surprised when I finally watched it. It is not a masterpiece by any means, but it is certainly a solid work with a lot of heart that went into it.

Considering that this appears to be a rather small, low-budget production, an astonishingly large number of things that could have gone wrong went really well. That rarely happens with this type of production.

The only real criticism that one could direct towards this film is that its overall story of a semi-comical transformation of a human slowly turning into a vampire while still living and working within their human peer-group is a bit “run-of-the-mill” and the plot development/progression happens “by-the-numbers”. In other words: when watching this film you will undoubtedly think several times “somehow I’ve seen/heard/read that story before”. But this particular version is nevertheless very charming.


The cast generally give excellent performances. And with the indomitable Malcolm McDowell in a supporting role and a lovely cameo by Star Trek’s Nicole de Boer, you get a hint of how much the producers were able to draw in outside energy. Because one of the main selling points of this film for many people (though not for me, personally) will be the array of cameos by famous pop/rock stars. I’ll just rattle them off here: Alice Cooper, Henry Rollins, Dimitri Coats, Moby, Carole Pope, Alex Lifeson, and Iggy Pop.

The script frequently provides the actors with very funny lines. And there are segues (such as involving car/plane travel) that are done via lovely and highly professional stop-motion animation, instead of cheap stock footage or awful in-studio shots. It’s a bit odd, but a nice novelty.



All in all Suck is an enjoyable film, a B-movie in the best sense, and one where you can positively see and feel the work and the love that went into the project. I can recommend this film to anyone who is content with a nice and funny story beautifully executed and who is not looking for a lot of deep mythological intrigue and suspense.

The imdb-rating for this film is at 6.1, and (as is mostly the case) I do not feel that this is far off the mark: I think I would give it a solid 6.5 out of 10.

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