Myra: Lure of the Wicked (2004)

Bored with playing chess with his room-mate, a young man starts to mingle with prostitutes in the park, only to get more than he bargained for.

This 17 minute film is meant as a tribute to the black-and-white films of the silent film era, and the actors are pretty good at emulating the style of silent era acting by heavily increasing their facial expressions and body language. Unfortunately, as far as the picture itself is concerned, the visual aesthetics of the era are not entirely matched in this short film. More care should also have been taken with the language in the title cards to make the linguistic tone more even and keep it closer to the ‘original’. The music is also not wisely chosen in my opinion.

The biggest disappointment for me was the story itself, which has some sort of a plot, but no real tension, and no real point. We also get little to no insight into the characters.

While it is often the case with short films that you cannot have everything, you usually get something out of the story – in this case, I got nothing out of it.

The film looks and feels like one of those short films people do in (or fresh out of) film school, and it comes as no surprise that it was more or less the first thing ever written and directed by Tom Madigan (who by all accounts went on to do bigger and better things).

All of this makes Myra: Lure of the Wicked chiefly an interesting experiment in acting and film making, but not really an entertaining or thought-provoking work of art as some of the best short films manage to be.

It is difficult and somewhat unfair to rate a film like this, but if I had to, I guess something around 4 out of 10 would seem appropriate.



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