Vampyrer (2008)

A nice little study, that’s all this is. Very atmospheric, but without any real plot, this film soon becomes long-winded, in spite of the fact that its running time is effectively under 70 minutes.

Two sisters are hiding away from the public, only coming out in order to organise money, etc. There is a constant conflict between them, however, as one seems to be more outgoing than the other and would love to have more contact outside their claustrophobic sister relationship. And both are essentially teenagers, so their self-discipline is not up to scratch. In the end, they find themselves on the run.

There is a lot of potential in here, great actors, and characters one could work with.

With half the running time, this would be a decent artsy short film, but at its current length, it is neither a short film, nor a feature film, this is merely an overly-long demo vaguely hinting at what a finished feature film might look like.

What little there is in this film about vampirism is pretty much unnecessary in the story’s current form; it does not contribute to the characters apart from making them feel like outsiders – any random plot device could have served the same purpose.

Vampyrer is strictly only for completists and eager genre fans. Everyone else can easily gives this one a miss.

The current imdb rating for this film is 3.8 – harsh, but not entirely undeserved. Only gracious bonus points for acting and atmosphere could lift this dud of a film into “5 out of 10” territory.


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