Netherbeast Incorporated (2007)

Netherbeast Incorporated is a vampire comedy without any scares or any horror elements. It has a certain gore factor though, as the vampires in this film not only drink blood but also eat human flesh, which is shown often and vividly.

Apart from the “eating flesh” thing, there are a number of other very specific elements which set the vampires in this film apart from the traditional vampire lore. Of course, every film or franchise sets up its own specific rules (think “sparkly vampires” in Twilight), but it is rarely done to such a large extent as in this film. These elements are so numerous that they have to be explained during the film by graphics, diagrams and bullet points. Which, thankfully, fits the style of the film as we are in an office environment.

I don’t want to give away too much, but Netherbeast Incorporated takes place in a world where vampires are trying to stay hidden from the humans. The trouble starts when Otto, our protagonist, notices that his boss is behaving strangely…..

A mystery is created and solved, and the danger overcome, but not without sacrifices.


The humour is a bit tame, and is partially relying on people recognising satirised elements of their own everyday office routine in this film (pointless meetings, external consultants, etc.).

Tone and pace of the film are influenced by mockumentary-style films and shows, which are rarely laugh-out-loud funny, but subtle in their humour by highlighting the weird and awkward. Technically, however, this film is NOT a mockumentary.

The film keeps its tone and pace steady, the writing is solid, and the acting is very good when it comes to the lead actors. Apart from Steve Burns as Otto and Amy Davidson as Pearl, I want to especially mention Darrell Hammond, who has to master a particularly difficult role. Jason Mewes from Jay-and-Silent-Bob fame also makes an appearance.

Some of the supporting actors are less talented, I am afraid, with some of them delivering performances where you can see and hear them “act” while they are acting – in every single moment.


Despite being entertaining, this film is a bit of a seen-today-forgotten-tomorrow comedy.

Netherbeast Incorporated being based on a short film, you cannot help but feel that maybe too small a story and too little material are put into a 90-minute film. But it is not as bad as it sounds, not like many other comedies where you feel a 5-minute sketch has been stretched to 90 minutes – Netherbeast Incorporated is a feature film in its own right, even if the plot may feel a bit thin.


I would consider 6.5 out of 10 a fair rating, slightly higher than the current 5.9 on imdb.

Recommended for anyone who is looking for a tame and undemanding comedy for a rainy day.



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