Blacula (1972)

Recently, I watched 1972’s Blacula on TV. A waste of time as a film, but still an interesting piece of film history, I suppose.

This story sees an African prince travelling to Europe in order to enlist his co-aristocrats in an anti-slavery drive. Unfortunately and inexplicably, he chooses to pay a visit to Count Dracula for this purpose, and (as you might guess) that visit does not end so well. Fast forward 200 years, and the newly awakened “Blacula” finds himself in Los Angeles…

I’ll keep this short: My advice would be to avoid this film, unless you take a particular interest in the blacksploitation genre.

The worst thing about Blacula, which is often described as the first ever blacksploitation horror film, is its lacklustre script. The script has a couple of mid-sized plot-holes while being unable to provide the story (what little story there is) with suspense, drama, or momentum.

On the plus side, the actors do their best and all the main characters are portrayed competently; but that cannot make up for the defective script. Also, the ’70s music and fashion are quite interesting if you care for that sort of thing.

The best thing about Blacula may be the animated opening credits which – while rather basic and primitive – are something of a work of art.

A lot of nostalgia seems to have gone into imdb’s current 5.6 rating. Realistically, this film should not be rated any higher than 3.5 out of 10.



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